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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


As per a few suggestions, I will be talking about SCRUM in my next few posts.

Scrum is one of many Agile methodologies. There is nothing right or wrong with any of these methods. Most of the AGILE places I am aware of go with Scrum though.

Broadly speaking there are 3 fundamental roles:

1) Product Owner
2) Scrum Master
3) Team member

1) Product Owner is an extremely important stakeholder and generally represent business side of an organization. Her responsibility includes sharing the vision of other important stake holders / executives with the team. She would have the highest authority when it comes to making product related decisions and obviously with that comes highest responsibility as well.

2) Scrum Master is the link between the Product Owner and development team. She will be the first point of contact for the development in case of any hurdles.Scrum master should therefor have an excellent understanding of the product being developed and must have a very good idea about the bigger picture. Note that the scrum master shouldn't be confused with the Manager. In most of the cases, Scrum master and development team would report to the same manager. 

3) Team Member An ideal Agile team will have 6-7 cross functional members working towards the common goal of delivering a successful product within the project time frame. This typically contains Software Developer,Designer, Architect, QA-expert / Tester, Database Administrator. Depending on the nature of the work this composition could change a little bit. 

After all we are living in an Agile world where only change is constant :)....

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